The Beauty of Larimar Jewelry

Larimar Jewelry is one of the most beautiful jewelry in the world. With many people are admirers of this unique jewelry, Larimar is one of the most sold jewelry in the world as a whole, possibly including the top five. What makes Larimar’s jewelry very popular is probably because of its origin. This jewelry includes in the category of natural creation which was created and shaped into a beautiful artwork by men.

Larimar Jewelry Pendant


World jewelry enthusiasts have recognized the beauty and quality of Larimar jewelry.

This Larimar jewelry origin is in the volcano. Included in the blue pectolite group, Larimar produces from many volcanic activities that occurred a million years ago precisely on the island “La Hispaniola.” The look of this jewelry is robust and full of nuances caused by total crystallization in the rock that occurs when natural volcanic lava experiences a cooling effect. Barahona Province is the only place in the world where the miner can found the Larimar. Barahona is a province in the southwestern part of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic became the country with the largest deposit of Larimar.

Larimar’s beads and necklaces are two types of jewelry that are internationally recognized. Jewelry enthusiasts all over the world are fascinated by the beauty and elegance of this Blue Pectolite stone. Some perceptions say that Larimar can only be found in specific color variants, such as green and blue that are linked to white. Move from this concept; the exciting thing is the different color variants of Larimar is in the Caribbean Sea. There, Larimar is known to be red, gray, or brown. These modern and traditional colors make Larimar stone with elegant and beautiful color combinations. The color variant is what makes Larimar loved by people all over the world. Its diversity and solid quality make this sleek product jewelry.


If you just heard or just started to attract by Larimar stone, you will undoubtedly need an introduction to this stone. Larimar Stone is not only famous for its beauty, but also because it is scarce. Larimar is originating from the Caribbean. Miners discovered this stone in mid-seventies. To get this stone, the miner must get it from deep volcanic mountains. Usually, those who mine are natives people and need help with mining tools. There are various types of Larimar stones that you can buy on the market, but because the price is quite high, not everyone can buy it. Larimar stones are mainly using for jewelry.

Larimar stone on sale

The rarest color of this stone is blue. The low supply makes the price of Larimar’s jewelry high. Larimar stone is usually mounted on silver and rarely installed on gold. This stone is widely known as a typical Caribbean stone. Legend has it that this stone can help see events from a distant perspective, heal the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of humans. Now, Larimar stone mining is a growing business in the market despite having many risks in the mining process.



For you, who already have Natural Larimar jewelry, there are some things you should pay attention to in treating these unique stone. Of course, you don’t want the beauty of Larimar stone to fade when you use it. Here are some things you must do to maintain the beauty of your Larimar jewelry.

  1. Clean the larimar jewelry after using it.

The better way is to wipe your jewelry with a cotton cloth every time you finish using it. Cotton fabric is the right material for cleaning dust, dirt, sweat marks, and perfume marks that might stick to your jewelry. These dirt elements can make your Larimar stone look dull.

  1. Clean the stain properly.

Larimar jewelry is generally made of silver. The silver is not layered which cannot protect your Larimar stone. The silver can tarnish over time. Tarnish on silver can be easily removed if you notice it early, but can cause permanent discoloration if it has been too long. By cleaning your jewelry every time you finish using it, you can regularly check the condition of your jewelry. To remove stains on silver, you can wash it with warm water and soap. Use a clean flannel cloth or another cotton-free cloth. You are not allowed to use a cleaning solution because it can reduce the antique appearance of your Larimar silver jewelry.

  1. Use professional cleaning services.

As a jewelry enthusiast, you should clean your Larimar jewelry once a year to prevent expensive damage and repairs. Make sure you regularly check the condition of your jewelry. Check if there are stones that are almost loose or missing, the link is already worn out, or there is a silver link that changes color. If you can’t handle it yourself, you better leave it to professionals to prevent further damage.

  1. Avoid wearing jewelry when doing manual work.

For fans of Larimar jewelry, especially women, you are advised not to wear jewelry when doing your daily activities. Don’t use rings or bracelets when you do housework. Larimar is a rock that can erode and break when hard objects or excessive friction hit it. You should use the jewelry only on certain occasions or when you do not do household activities.

  1. Avoid substances that can damage the stone.

Environmental acidity can make silver oxidized and turn to black: sweat and other materials (oil, skin moisturizer, medicines) that can create your skin acidic. Also, you must avoid chlorine, chemical cleaning agents, saltwater, and perfumes.


Larimar colors range from very light blue to golden blue, and from sky blue to volcanic blue. Some stones show a circular white marble pattern and some rocks show green, red, or brown spots as a result of oxidation. The color of the Larimar determines the quality of Larimar stone. White is the lowest quality, and the highest quality is in volcanic blue. The colors are photosensitive and fade in the sun or high heat. This stone is usually opaque, but there are some that have smoother tones and appear slightly translucent. Larimar also looks fine silky and attractive when you cut it. Larimar is generally round and oval, and other forms usually have a higher price. Thus, you already know what Larimar jewelry is and what makes it a rare and famous stone. Are you interested in buying?







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