Learn How to Clean Murano Glass Jewelry

If we want to learn how to clean Murano glass jewelry, we need to learn what it is and how to identify it first.

Murano glass jewelry is made out of special glass that is produced on Murano island, hence the name. Murano island is very close to Venice, and if you are wondering why that is important, it’s because, in the beginning, Murano glass was made there. With more than fair share of fire incidents, it was moved to Murano. It is very special because not only is it stunning, but it’s also handmade by expert Venetian glass masters for over a thousand years. It is extremely beautiful and very elegant. It can be used in many ways. It has quality and luxury, and most importantly it can be very affordable.

Learn How to Clean Murano Glass Jewelry Fast



How to identify Murano glass jewelry?

Big question is how do we identify true Murano glass jewelry? Most of it is imperfect or has size and shape variations. That is due to the fact that masters make it by hand, and most often than not, they don’t use exact measurements. Like with any other special or one of a kind product, most of Murano glass products are marked or have labels that carry the signature of a master, or name of a workshop that made it. If you are buying directly from the seller, one way to know if they are not a fraud is to keep asking them questions about product and Murano glass in general.  They are well acquainted with the world of Murano Glass and therefore should be able to answer all your questions.

One of the precautionary measures if you are looking to buy Murano glass products, is to buy them locally or from a site that has many reviews and is trusted. That way, you won’t lose your money and you won’t get tricked into buying fake products.

If you are interested into buying something but are unsure what, there are many kinds to choose from. For someone who likes to decorate their home with beautiful glass pieces, this is perfect. From simple bowls and plates for your kitchen, all the way to the extravagant sculptures, there is something for everyone.

But most wanted products are actually Murano jewelry pieces. With their variations in colors, shapes, and sizes, most of them are timeless and can be used in any kind of fashion. There are many kinds of  Murano glass bracelets, Murano glass jewelry rings, Murano glass jewelry pendants, and many more jewelry pieces. If you are looking for more business look, wristwatches with Murano glass motives are way to go. Murano glass beads are very wanted. They make interesting Murano glass bead necklaces that are sure to grab your attention. If you are not into beads, there are more kinds of Murano glass necklaces to choose from. If you look it up, you will see just how amazing everything is.

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So, how to take care of your Murano glass jewelry?

Before we learn how to clean it we need to learn how to care for it. Jewelry pieces are very durable if you follow a few ground rules. They don’t need constant cleaning or care.  As with any other special jewelry, it is recommended to keep it out of reach of children and pets. As they don’t know how to handle it, most harm will come in form of them breaking it or scratching it. In some instances, they could also lose them.  The best way to keep them safe is to put it in jewelry boxes.

Other ways you can harm your pieces is to do household tasks with them on. Those tasks include washing dishes, cleaning or cooking meals. Those are especially harmful if you are wearing rings and bracelets made out of Murano glass. With fast movement, it’s expected to hit counters or other hard surfaces. That might lead to your jewelry pieces breaking. That is why it is recommended to take them off during those tasks.

It is important to say that if your Murano jewelry or any other product made out of it breaks, that you should not try to fix it, especially with glue. Best way to see if it can be fixed is to take them to someone who works with Murano glass, as in any other situation the item can become unfixable.

If you have any silver in your jewelry, there is a possibility that it may tarnish. You can fix that by putting it in a bowl covered in aluminum foil and add baking soda and water. This will not harm the glass part of the jewelry.

Now that we known all that, it is time to focus on cleaning the Murano glass. An important thing to mention is that you should be very delicate and careful while you handle and clean your Murano glass jewelry.  You can clean Murano glass jewelry in many different ways. Here are some of them:

Washing it with water

If you are looking to wash it with water, make sure that the water is warm. You can use any kind of neutral soap if you think it is necessary. When you are washing your jewelry, wash them one at a time, because if you wash more than one together, they may harm and scratch each other.

Using chemicals to clean it

Ammonia and other strong chemicals should not be used unless the workshop recommends them. High temperature and pressure can also be very damaging. If they don’t break your jewelry, most likely they will leave marks, spots or cloudy/milky effect.

Putting it in Dishwasher

Most of us nowadays have a dishwasher and we use it to clean many things. Murano glass jewelry can be dishwasher safe, but it is best to ask workshop or professionals before you attempt to clean them that way.

Using lint-free and microfiber cloths

Lint-free cloths are also good way to clean your Murano glass jewelry. It can be used dry and slightly damp too. Best way to clean it is to use dry lint-free cloth first, then the damp one to give it more shine. If you don’t have lint-free cloths, microfiber ones are good replacement.

After cleaning, make sure that your jewelry is dry before you put it away, to not damage or leave spots on your precious pieces. The best way to keep jewelry safe is to keep it in a jewelry box. It should be dry and with minimal contact to oxidizing environments.



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